Toilet Bomb

Toilet Bomb

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Made by: Bluegrass Oils
Made in: Bowling Green, KY
Woman Owned and Operated

No one wants to clean the toilet, so try these easy-to-use toilet bowl cleaning bombs! They naturally help deodorize the bathroom and give off a lovely lemon-lavender scent. Commercial toilet bowl cleaners are laden with chemicals, but not these toilet bombs! They are a natural cleaning product solution to water rings and other unsightly toilet bowl spots. Chemical free, all natural, and vegan, these are great for everyone! 

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Why I love it:

Ciera of Bluegrass Oils believes that all bath, body, and beauty products should be all natural, chemical-free, and cruelty-free. She creates bath and skincare products that are as effective and natural as possible; so much so that people are excited to use them!

To deodorize: Place one bomb toward the front of the toilet before using the restroom.

To clean: Place one bomb in the bowl and let fizz for 5 minutes. Use a toilet brush to remove any rings around the top of the water.

Baking soda, essential oils, citric acid