Fill to Flourish exists to provide eco-friendly home & body solutions that are convenient, thoughtful, and sourced close to our Kentucky home.

I was a happy customer of Fill to Flourish for over a year before I became the owner. The store was launched by Janelle Whitaker at precisely the right time. I had been slowly shifting my habits and home to more sustainable, earth friendly options for several years and had decided that 2021 would be the year I cut down on the plastic waste my family generated. I started looking into various cleaners and soaps, trying to find that sweet spot between ease of use, effectiveness, affordability and, of course, low waste. It was overwhelming. When I saw that Fill to Flourish was going to open here in my town, the search instantly became easier. Products that are truly zero-waste, delivered right to my door, that I also love using? It was perfect. Plus I was supporting a local business, something I always try to prioritize when I can. The hand soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent became items I use everyday. To date: I’ve saved almost 100 plastic bottles from the landfill by using Fill to Flourish.

When the founder of Fill to Flourish needed to pass the baton, I knew this was something I could continue. They are products I love. A mission I believe in. And I know first hand how Fill to Flourish can make an overwhelming goal like reducing waste feel easy and attainable.

I’m still learning and growing in my sustainability journey. I don’t expect to ever become a person who lives off the grid, keeps a year’s worth of waste in a mason jar, or grows all of my own food. However I hope to be a person who is always finding ways to make sure the impact I have on the environment is more for its benefit than its detriment. I truly believe that everyone can make some changes toward the positive, and that it’s the collective shift of priorities and habits that will really make the difference in the future of the earth.

That’s what I hope to continue here at Fill to Flourish - to help regular people like me feel like they can make a positive change for our environment. I believe that together we really can make a difference.

Amy Davis