Fill to Flourish exists to provide eco-friendly home & body solutions that are convenient, thoughtful, and sourced close to our Kentucky home.

Although we officially launched in 2021, Fill to Flourish really started back in 2016, the year I first saw Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Before the Flood. Up until then, I didn’t know very much about climate change or sustainability. Environmentalism (or anything that started with “eco”) was about tree huggers and hippies and saving sea turtles. But in one particular scene in Leo’s film, he travels to India and observes an onion field completely washed out by historic flooding. He stands alongside the farmers, surveying the damage. These men and women are obviously devastated. Broken. An entire year’s worth of income—gone—because of a changing climate. Suddenly, I was able to attach faces to the issue. The climate crisis isn’t just about saving trees and sea turtles. It’s about responsibly fulfilling our role as stewards of creation and caring for the welfare of all—plants and animals and ecosystems and oceans and mountains and stars and you and me—all of those things which God calls very good. 

My husband and I continued to search. We watched documentaries about sustainability, farming and agriculture, health, and plastics. We read books. We asked questions. We started a small group through our church to help facilitate discussions around creation care and what it means to be a good steward of the earth. Eventually, we began production on our own documentary, a look at how our faith intersects with this issue.

What we’ve come to find is that most of the big corporations in charge of making the products we buy are totally okay with making decisions that negatively impact our health and the health of our planet as long as there is financial gain. Everyday, through clever advertisements and marketing schemes, we are taught to consume, consume, and consume some more, without any thought to the time, energy, and resources that go into our purchases. And then we toss, without any regard to where our trash goes. Very rarely are we prompted to stop and consider how our consumption habits impact the world around us. Because it is (as we’ve been taught) all about us.

My faith tells me that the next best thing to loving God is to love my neighbor as myself. The idea behind Fill to Flourish really started coming together in 2020, the year we’ll always remember as one of continual crisis and confusion. The year the whole world ached. With catastrophe ricocheting off every corner of the globe, I began to hunker down and consider: What small thing can I do to love my neighbors? What can be done to keep goodness flowing through my own community?

If we’re honest, we’re all working hard to provide for ourselves and our loved ones as best we know how. Issues around sustainability and stewardship can be complicated. Fill to Flourish exists to provide eco-friendly solutions that are convenient, affordable, and thoughtful. I’ve curated many of the basics needed to maintain bodies and homes in order to help take the guesswork out of which items can best support you, your family, and the planet. I’ve sourced these products as locally as possible, with many created right here in Kentucky and the rest within the Midwest region. Our farthest product travels from Minneapolis. Each of these items comes from a small business, most of which are owned by women. Every item is free of plastic packaging. Every item is created from as many natural ingredients as possible while still maintaining affordability.

Every time you choose our handcrafted toilet bombs over a chemical-laden liquid in a plastic bottle, every time you refill your dish soap at The Olive Branch, every time you reuse a spray bottle with our all-purpose cleaning tabs, you are not only supporting multiple small businesses and our local economy, you are participating in the good work of sustainability, creation care and, ultimately, love. And love is what will get us through the crisis every time. 

Thank you for joining in this work with me. If you have any thoughts, feedback, or encouragement to share, don’t hesitate to reach out on my Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

Love and Care, 
Janelle Whitaker