Natural, plastic-free, and locally sourced home and body products delivered right to your door.


Switching to more earth-friendly, sustainable items isn't always easy. In fact, it can be downright confusing and overwhelming! We've done the work for you, offering natural, plastic-free, and locally sourced home and body products that are good for you and good for our planet.

Available to Wilmore, Nicholasville, and Lexington, Kentucky via local pickup or delivery.

Flourishing planet. Flourishing people.

How it works

Step 1: Choose a Product

Browse our selection of home and body products, from dish soap to shampoo. If you don't see what you need, let us know on our Contact page!


Step 2: Choose a Container

Many of our items come with either paper packaging or no packaging at all. But for liquids and powders (think laundry detergent, hand soap, etc.) you'll see two container options when selecting those products.

Forever Containers are beautiful glass bottles with a label and durable top or pump. They are meant to be kept and used, well, forever! Choose this option for your first order of any liquid or powder. Every Forever Container comes with the product you selected.

If you already have a bottle at home you'd like to reuse, or your Forever Container is almost empty, choose a Refill Container. These are plain glass jars that are used to refill your Forever Containers on your second+ order. Think of these like the milk jars your grandma used to have delivered. They keep cycling in and out, over and over. You'll pay a $1 deposit for each refill jar, but you'll get it back in Step 3!

Step 3: Rinse and Return

Once you've received your order and refilled your Forever Containers, you'll clean your Refill Containers and set them outside for pickup on your next order and receive $1 back for each container you return.

We'll drop off your next order and pick up your empties at the same time, thus completing the beautiful loop.

If you pick up at The Olive Branch, you can drop off your empties there, too!


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What our customers say

We all want to live more sustainably in ways that are good for our health and our planet, but it can be hard to know where to start. Fill to Flourish makes it easy and convenient. When I buy at Fill to Flourish, I know my purchases support local businesses, are free of unnecessary harmful chemicals, and keep plastic out of landfills. As someone relatively new to using natural products, I've been very impressed that the Fill to Flourish products work just as well or better than my conventional ones. And they make it so easy by delivering right to my doorstep!

Beth C.


Shop at The Olive Branch

Many of our products are available at The Olive Branch—no online ordering required! You can bring your own containers for refills or purchase ours when you get there.

327 E Main St
Wilmore, KY 40390

Tues - Sat: 12pm - 7pm
Closed Sun & Mon

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Eco Packaging Alliance

We are a part of noissue's Eco Packaging Alliance, an organization contributing to global reforestation efforts with every order. We use noissue stamps and soy-based ink for branding our recycled delivery bags.